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Marketing Tools

This page describes the most effective free tools for building a downline, growing your list and tracking your advertising.

If you have a Plug-in Profit site or you are a member of Empowerism, SFI or any other program that involves building a downline, then the following free to join downline builders can help you to grow your downline fast.

The Home Income Team - this is not only a downline builder it's also a place where you can get free training and pick up splash pages for advertising on traffic exchanges. The Home Income is free for you to join.

Traffic Hoopla - Traffic Hoopla tests the effectiveness of all the popular traffic exchanges and safe lists. Every week it publishes a report listing the top 50 traffic exchanges. You can see the Top 5 exchanges here. Traffic Hoopla is free to join and lets you build your downlines in all the traffic exchanges and safelists.

Regardless of which type of online business you have, it pays to build an opt-in email list. You may have already heard the gurus saying "the money is in the list". The following list building program is free to join and will help you to grow your list.

List Inferno - allows you to build your opt-in list. Every time you display an ezine opt-in box on your site (like the one below), someone else will display an opt-in box that includes your ezine on their site.

If you're not tracking your ads, then you'll find it very hard to understand which of your advertising efforts have been successful. This means that you could end up throwing more money into that advertising black hole and end up with no sales.

TrackThatAd - TrackThatAd allows you to track your advertising for free by using a special unique URL for each web page that you want to promote.