3 Tips To Create A Highly Targeted PPC Advertising Ad

If you are using or even thinking about PayPerClick advertising for your internet home business you naturally want as many people as possible to click on your ad and see your offer. However, this should not be your primary focus. Remember, you are paying for every click, which means every click needs to be from a highly targeted visitor, so your focus should be on creating a highly targeted PPC ad.


How do you create such ads?


1. If you are selling something, don’t hide it.

The vast majority of internet searches are done by people who are looking for a free solution.  Would you really want them to click on your ad if they aren’t willing to pay for the solution they’re looking for?  Free searchers can drive up PPC advertising costs faster than any other source, so it is important that your ad tells people that you are selling something, not giving it away.  The easiest way to do this is add a phrase such as: “Instant Shipping”, “Free Quote”, or “Special Sale”. All of these phrases imply that they are part of the purchasing process, so everyone who clicks on your ad will know that something is being sold, not given away.

2. Be Specific

Being specific is one of the keys to drawing a highly targeted visitor to your PPC advertising campaign.  By using vague phrases like: “highly recommended” or “industry leader”, you are not giving potential buyers anything tangible to relate to.  Instead, try to be as specific as possible such as: “9 out of 10 users recommend XYZ”. This is something tangible the visitor can understand.  It also confirms the quality of your products before the potential buyer views your website.  It also give searchers a reason to click on your ad over your competitors.

3. Use Visual Action Words

A target audience is usually bombarded by ads from your competition because so many PPC advertising campaigns do a poor job of grabbing the attention of their target audience. If you want your ad to stand out, it is important to use more visual verbs and fewer adjectives. The effectiveness of adjectives has continued to diminish over time due their overuse.


 When possible, try to use verbs that immediately give the reader a visualization of your product.  For example, instead of using a phrase like:  This book provides step by step instructions for becoming a successful affiliate marketer; try to use visual action words which also transfer ownership to the reader such as: This book will take you on an exciting journey in easy to understand language giving you all the information you need to make money as an affiliate marketer.


Increasing click-thrus, although important, is not the key to creating a successful, targeted PPC advertising campaign.  It is more about pre-selling to a highly targeted group of potential buyers. If you let searchers know that you are selling, if you provide specifics, and use visual action words to tell a story, you will get click-thrus from the customers you want while eliminating most of those wasteful click-thrus from untargeted freebie-seekers.

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    Home Business Income Says:

    Hi, Walt:

    Thanks for this informative and insightful post on targeted PPC advertising. I particularly like tip #3, using visual action words. You’ve really got to grab the reader’s attention and create some motivating images for the ad to be effective.

    For many of us, the whole purpose of marketing is to generate home business income. PPC advertising can help the process along.

    🙂 GT Bulmer
    Affiliate Power Central

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    Lyle Holmes Says:

    Hi Walt,

    A very informative post about targeted PPC advertising.
    You have listed out 3 very important things to do to have a very targeted audience with PPC. PPC can become
    extremely expensive if you are not targeted the right kind of traffic.
    Thanks for the post.

    Lyle Holmes
    Earn Money On The Internet

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