What Is The Mystery Of Google Adwords ?


Can you imagine, with the volume of information online today, how difficult it would be to find what you are looking for without the help of a search engine like Google? Quite simply the Internet would not be the active force that it is today.

Because it has happened we have a great business opportunity to make money on the Internet today. This applies both for Google as well as a business trying to market its product. Google Adwords is the largest pay per click program on the Internet and has great exposure value attached to it. For anyone interested in marketing a product online Google Adwords offers a great opportunity to do this.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand how Google Adwords works. As a result they end up spending too much money with too little results.

Google Adwords is unique due to its advanced ranking algorithm. Most of the pay-per-click programs seem to operate under more open boundaries which usually mean the higher the bid on a keyword resulting in  the higher the rank of the ad.

However, this is not entirely the case with Google Adwords. Google Adwords takes into account a lot of other factors, such as click-through rate, relevance of the content and of course, the bid.

Adrank, the name of Google’s ranking algorithm, essentially multiplies the highest bid with the click through rate the ad gets. So, for example, if a client’s bid is 30 cents and the click through rate of the ad is 2, then the Adrank would be 6 for the client’s ads.

Another factor Google Adwords has introduced in its algorithm is called “quality score”. There isn’t much information available about this aspect of Adrank but apparently, the quality score of an ad is determined by the click through rate, the relevance of the text, the performance of the keywords and the quality of the landing page.

We often think that Google Adwords operates  a manual process of review and then slaps or applies demotions in ranking. However, this is not correct. There are tens of thousands of clients registered with Google Adwords and manual supervision of such a huge database is virtually impossible for mere humans. Therefore, Google employs a complex automated system which takes into account various factors to slap an ad.

Quite frequently website owners simply copy the landing page of another website. This duplication of content is one of the chief reasons why an ad is slapped.


Another reason is to the use of controversial keywords that cause customer complaints.

Before you take the plunge and market your web pages with Adwords, my advice to you is to go through the online tutorial that Google Adwords provides. This will help you to avoid the frequent mistakes that many home business Internet marketers make and also save you money.

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    HomeBizWork, Gil Goltiao Says:

    Very informative article on using Google’s Adwords. It is most definitely unique due to its advanced ranking algorithm and representative of Google’s leading edge over other search engines.

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