How To set Up a Sales Page For Your Work At Home Business Site

How do you decide on the best web page techniques to help you communicate effectively with your projected visitors? This is a pressing problem that a lot of Internet marketers face after they have set up their websites

Quite often many Webmasters set up an anonymous, official looking website. Then they use a writing style that is full of sales jargon that seeks to persuade the visitor to buy their product or service.

 This kind of approach is really backward because it focuses on the desire of the website owner to sell products rather than on the needs of the website visitor. Before you can even think about selling anything to your visitors you need to think about where they are coming from and what information they need to know in order to feel comfortable on your website.

You can be sure that if they don’t feel comfortable when they arrive on your webpage they will very quickly leave and you won’t see them again.

So what kind of things should you tell your visitors? And how should you be presenting that information? Here are a few guidelines:

1. Tell them who you are. Use your real name and it will help even more if you post a photograph of yourself on your webpage.

2. Tell them in a clear concise way what your website is about and what it can do for them. Another way to look at this question is from the visitor’s point of view. Imagine that the first things your visitors ask when they visit your website are, “What can I do here?” “What’s here for me?” Answer these questions plainly and clearly.

3. Tell them why your website is the best place for them to do it. This is where you establish your “unique selling proposition”. Remember, your unique selling proposition should be communicated in terms of how it will benefit your visitors. If it is a unique feature of your products, then you need to show your visitors how it represents a unique benefit for them. The key here is not to try and “sell” the product, but to “tell” the visitor how the product will benefit them.

4. Write an editorial and not a sales letter. Remember to focus on the need of the visitor for information and fulfill that need. An editorial webpage will have specific headlines, quantifiable data, and can also include testimonials from people who have tried the product. One thing to avoid, however, is a fake product review because people can see through them very easily. If you decide to recommend a product on your website, be sure to purchase it and thoroughly test it yourself so that you know what you are talking about.

You should be able to describe every stage of your relationship with that product in authentic detail. You should be able to talk about the purchase, payment and delivery, packaging, instructions, and how the product lived up to your expectations.

5. Keep your layout and design clear, simple and specific. The more links and banners there are on your webpage the less likely it is that your visitors will follow the desired path through your web copy on any given page. Double and treble column web pages divide the reader’s attention. There should be a clear path through your webpage from beginning to end. The headline should be as specific as possible and important information should be made prominent so that the visitor will see it as he or she stands the webpage.

6. Use graphics to emphasize the incentives behind your offer. We are talking here about guarantees seals, photographs of testimonial give those, and so on.

7. Offer a cast iron 100% money back guarantee for any product you sale.. Repeat the guarantee on the sales form, or directly above or below the sales button.

There are many more things to be said about sales pages; even debates between the use of long or short sales copy. However these seven tips will help you to avoid some of the most common mistakes that inexperienced marketers make when setting up Internet sales pages for your work at home business opportunity.

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