4 Things NOT To Do If You Market With Google Adwords

If your goal is to get traffic to your sales page as quickly as possible, Google Adwords is the way to do it. Setting up a Google Adwords account is easy and you can be getting targeted traffic to your website within a few hours of launching your first campaign.

However, many inexperienced Google Adword users make some common mistakes. As a result their ads usually fail to produce a profitable outcome. There are certain steps, which are really not difficult to implement, that you can take to avoid these mistakes.

Let’s look at the most common “Google Adword Failures”:

1. Don’t Target Keywords: This is the most basic mistake you can make with Adwords. If you use generic keywords you will not only raise the cost per click, but it will also result in failure to convert clicks into sales. An example of this would be using a keyword phrase such as “home business.” Competition for keyword phrase such as this would be extremely high and that will drive up the cost per click.

However, the keyword is not very specific and so even if your ad does attract a few clicks the chances of getting a sale are really very low indeed. In short, you need to be as specific as possible when choosing your keyword phrases.

2. Don’t Organize Ad Groups Properly: Starting with your primary keywords, build a series of tightly focused and related keyword phrases for each ad group. It does not matter how many ad groups you create, as long as the terms within each group are tightly related and not too numerous. Twenty ad groups with 10 to 15 related phrases in each one is better than five ad groups with forty or fifty phrases per group.

3. Don’t Track Ad Performance: An important point to remember is that Google supplies its own free tracking service. In spite of this, failure to track ad performance is a common failure If you don’t track your ads you will have no idea which ones are working and which are not. You can track individual keywords within the groups, so not only can you find which groups are performing best you can also find your best performing keywords within the groups.

4. Don’t Budget Properly: Setting your daily budget too will result in not getting much traffic at all because daily budget is one of the factors that Google measures when deciding which adds to prioritize. If you place one Google ad on a five dollar a day budget you’re not going to achieve very much. What I mean by this is that if you have less than $150 a month to invest in Google ads you should probably avoid Google ad words altogether.

On the other hand, it is also important to avoid the opposite mistake of not capping your daily Adwords budget and of trying to go for the top spot with every ad. Instead, experiment with ad placements to see if you can save money by aiming for third, fourth, or even fifth or sixth spots for your keyword terms. In this way you will get more exposure for your ad at less expense and you may find that you can achieve a good click through rate in those positions.


If you are using Google Adwords as part of your marketing campaign, I hope you are doing well with your home based big money business. If not, review your Adwords promotion to be sure you are avoiding these 4 mistakes.

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    - dreamywealth.com Says:

    […] 4 Things NOT To Do If You Market With Google Adwords | WC Gem’s Home Based Big Money Businessrel=”nofollow” […]

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    John McRae Says:

    Hi Walt-
    Thanks for the information. I’ve used Adwords on several occasions and I must admit I didn’t do a few of the things you mentioned. Next time I will
    John McRae / Internet Home Business Help Center

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    Michelle Jayes Says:

    Hi Walt

    This is a good look into how Google Adwords works and how to go about using it efficiently. I have never tried it myself as I think without enough knowledge one can get easily burned, but your information has clarified a lot of points for me.

    Michelle Jayes / Online Income Opportunities

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    Home Business Income, GT Bulmer Says:

    Hello, Walt:

    You have given a very good list of things to be aware of when considering a Google Adwords campaign. Excellent insight – thanks!

    🙂 GT Bulmer
    Affiliate Power Central

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