4 Keys to Choosing a Web Host For Your Home Based Big Money Business

I am not here to try to tell you what web hosting company is the best. There are a number of high quality web hosts to choose from. What you need to do is develop a plan to determine which host will best serve your needs in hosting your home based business.  By creating an effective assessment strategy, making your decision will not only be faster and easier, but also much more likely to be right one the first time.  Here are some simple, yet effective ways to help you in this process.

4 Steps to Choose a Web Host

1. Determine the Type of Hosting You Need

Before you even look at prospective web hosts, decide what type of hosting you need.  The most common options available are shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, and dedicated hosting. If you are just starting out, then shared hosting would probably be the right choice. However, if you are planning to expand quickly or need root access, then VPS or dedicated hosting may be what you are looking for.

2. What Features Do You Need?

It may be difficult, but it is a good idea to decide what options you really need. Once you start reading the lists of features that are available, you will likely convince yourself that you need features that are not actually necessary for your business.  Many of these are fancy bells and whistles that are not necessary and you, more than likely, would never use them.

3.   How Much Can You Afford To Spend?

After you have completed the first 2 steps, it is time to actually begin your search. Using the needed features as a guide along with the amount your budget will allow, choose the best 3-5 web hosts available. Sometimes web hosts offer special promotions and usually a discount if you pay for a full year rather than monthly. It will pay you to take a few minutes and search the web for coupons and specials that web hosts on your list may be offering

4.   What Are the Intangibles?

Customer service is often what separates the good hosting companies from the elite hosting companies.  Search the web for user reviews, browse forums, and even contact their customer support staff directly.  Take note of things like response time, how good the response was, how you were treated, etc. There are a number of great web host companies, so there is no reason to deal with poor customer support.


If you follow these steps you should not only save time but also have greater expectation of choosing the best web host for your home based big money business. It will pay you to make the right choice the first time.

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    Affiliate Power Says:

    Hello, Walt:

    Your 4 keys to choosing a Web Host for your home based big money business are great! Simple and to the point. Just what a person needs to help them plan their needs.

    Home business income starts with having a good website, so choosing the most appropriate web host is important.

    🙂 GT Bulmer
    Affiliate Power Central

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    Lyle Holmes Says:

    Hi Walt,

    When starting a home based business it is wise to have a good hosting company. You have provided a very good outline for people to follow in order to choose the right hosting company.

    Lyle Holmes
    Earn Money On The Internet

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